My name is Thomas Jordan.  I am a Registered Massage Practitioner and graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage in Linthicum, MD and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  I am also the owner of Moonshadows Massage & Wellness.  Celebrating my Forth Year of providing wellness care!

My philosophy is one of service to my clients.
I am committed to match the best service to meet your needs and to be a partner in your wellness.

I come from a background in the culinary arts and hospitality.  I was a chef and former restaurant manager.  My passions have been cooking and serving great food and providing exceptional service to my guests.  Seeing how attention to the details and the application of my culinary and hospitality skills created positive effects on my guests brought me a great sense of fulfillment.  

Now I find that my passion has remained the same.
I apply my skills as a massage therapist and bring forth positive change in my clients.

Allow me to be your partner on your journey to wellness.

Thank you, 


Moonshadows Massage & Wellness, LLC.

4907 Niagara Rd, Suite 102

College Park, MD, 20740 United States

... Within the Moonshadows Wellness Center


Phone / Text:     301-747-1802

E-mail: Thomas@MoonshadowsMassage.com

At Moonshadows Massage & Wellness, we understand how busy the world has become.  The stress of daily life can be hard on your body and spirit.  Whether from long work days, managing the family, sports & exercise or all the many physical tasks you accomplish each day, these can manifest as pain and discomfort throughout your body.

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